Tankless Water Heater..

Tankless Water Heater..

Having a hot bath is definitely an option with Noritz tankless water heater options. Noritz Company, one of the leading suppliers of water heaters, stresses that their water heaters are designed to provide high efficiency, ranging from 80-85% and that it could provide an eternal supply of hot water. So, hot bath would never be impossible with these tankless gas water heaters in your homes. Tankless water heater service

A brief review of the company dates back to 1951 where it started out as Noritsu Bath Industry, a Japan based company. In 1966, the company launched the first tankless water heater and in 1968 eventually changed the company’s name to Noritz.

The company then started the sale of gas water heaters in 1970. And from there, the progression of a variety of water heaters commenced. In 2006, Noritz, among suppliers of tankless water heaters all over the world, is the first to offer ASME Certified models, the N-063S-OD and N-069M-OD.

Noritz tankless water heaters are known for its efficiency in heating intensity where it saves on water heating costs, fuel and more importantly, money. It is also well-known for its compact design which allows the ease of installation practically anywhere, outdoor or indoor. It may look compressed and meager in size but it doesn’t mean that it would hinder the supply of hot water upon demand. It is capable of producing as much as 13.2 gallons per minute (gpm). In addition, it’s built to last for an extended life.

The company usually offers a ten year warranty on its heat exchanger and all the other parts, three (3) years. Lastly, it is ensured to be safe. It has an electronic control system that prevents the danger of scalding or the sudden gush of cold water. Newer models may even come with a thermometer to regulate the temperature or an alarm that sounds when a pre-set amount of water has flowed in the bathtub.

After a careful review of the models of tankless water heaters by Noritz, the models N-132M, N-084M-DV and N-084M are the suitable products that would meet heavier demands considering that they offer high capacities. These units are layered with copper heat exchangers that would inhibit deterioration and corrosion.

Their internal pipes are made 25% thicker than the regular residential models to extend the life of these products. On top of these, they are also Quick-Connect and Multi-System, or capable of mounting two units together using a Quick-Connect cord.

On a separate view, N-063S, N-063S-OD, N-069M, N-69M-OD and N-069M-DV are the models that can carry out the needs of an entire home. OD models eradicate venting fashioned for a clean installation. But, among these models, the N-069M series is well-liked because it is Quick-Connect and Multi-System and is capable of heating water to a maximum of 7.9 gallons per minute. tankless water heaters

Noritz offers a wide range of tankless gas water heaters for commercial and residential purposes. And whether hot bath is an option, Noritz tankless water heaters should be a choice. More Information here