Mechanical Doping A Big Challenge To Cycling Races


Cyclists are turning their bikes into motorcycles to get to the finish line quickly and effortlessly. A few cunning cyclists are adding motors to their bikes. The case called mechanical doping came up after a small motor operated by battery was spotted inside the Belgian cyclist’s bike. But this is only a smaller trick when compared to the recent accusation that happened on Stade 2 this Sunday, a French television sponsored sports program. It was reported that motor doping has at the highest levels in this particular sport. Even top riders are manipulating their bike in the recent past, but riders have always denied these allegations.

cycle raceThe issue is not left at that and retired professional cyclists like Greg LeMond have said that it is a major issue. The International Cycling Union President, Brian Cookson has made technology aided cheating a top priority. Suspicion roots from two causes. Videos are helping to singles out suspicious performance by the riders or their teams. Technology has advanced and small motors run on batteries can be hidden inside the bike that can be controlled with a button under the handlebar. There are smaller motors available that can fit inside the rear hub boosting the performance of the bike.

For this purpose, Stade 2 has placed a thermal imaging camera throughout the route of the Italian professional men’s racing called the Strade Bianche that was held in March especially on the unpaved roads and steep climbs. Engineers say that the pattern can be understood based on the heat generated by the motor. Rear hub glowed in the same color of the cyclists’ legs.