Video Replays Can Save A Referee’s Day


Referees always prefer a non-celebrity life and are always criticized about their exits at the stadiums in certain instances. The focus is on England’s Premier League with the Leicester City moving towards the championship with all the lights on the officials as on the Foxes having a 5 point lead with just four games to go to win the title. Most probably Leicester will cleanly complete the task, but the question remains if the sport is taking sufficient steps to help the referees. The last weeks event will be the final call to add video replays immediately.

ref 2Referee Jon Moss is considered to be a good official who send off Jaime Vardy of Leicester in a game with West Ham United but is yet to enter the elite category. Moss had to work in that match because top-rated English referees were on a workshop and will take part at the European Championships this summer. The question remains if even the best of English referees Martin Atkinson and Mark Clattenburg were on the field they would have experienced the same situation as Moss. If an official has a bad day, there is nothing can stop from coming under fire.

However, the video helped to understand the situation on the ground. Situations like the rejection of penalty appeals, yellow and a red card for diving to Vardy, Leicester penalty shot and more are some of the tough situations to handle for the referee. Video assistance could have made this easier. A video replay could put the official in the stronger and credible position no doubt.